Sabtu, Jun 25, 2011

MAD - Move to the groove!

MAD DEAL of the Day: 5 Street Dance Lessons for only RM24.90 instead of RM125 at Urban Groove Dance Network, Subang Jaya.

So you think you can dance? Up for some groovy head-bobbing, hip-swaying and ribs-throbbing dance lessons?

Now grab the chance to experience different street styles to get your body moving!

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Do you know what is vivid, fast and slim? Find out now!

There are only 3 words to describe this new cool stuff - Vivid, Fast, and Slim!

4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus display, a dual core application processor and only 8.49mm, doesn't that sound so good?

Have we got your attention to this latest gadget yet? Want more details?

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Time to change to the Samsung Galaxy S II before it runs out!

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Sabtu, Jun 04, 2011

MAD -No frills, just relax at this facial spa.

MAD Deal of the Day: RM59 instead of RM366 for Oxygen Facial & Ampoule with Ultra sound / Crystal Ball + Volcanic Stone Back Massage + Scalp, Shoulder & Neck Massage + Eye & Neck Treatment + RM100 Treatment Voucher for next visit at I Brilliance Beaute, Bukit Jalil.

Feel the pressure to sign on to a package after going for a facial session? Fret not, I Brilliance Beauty will not pressure you into signing on with them. Just enjoy your session and relax.

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MAD - Forgetful? Improve your memory

MAD Deal of the Day: 'Improve Memory Phenomenally' Seminar by Anant Kasibhatla - The Man with the most Phenomenal Memory in India for RM45 instead of RM190 by Sungroup Training & Consulting, Gelugor, Penang.

Walking to the fridge to grab something, only to forget what you wanted? Your mouth is left gaping because you don't remember what you were to say?

Attend this training, and improve your memory vastly!

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Khamis, Jun 02, 2011

MAD - Get Gelish Manicure! It's cheaper than buying an iPhone.

MAD Deal of the Day: RM68 instead of RM185 for Gelish Manicure (3 weeks without chipping and cracks) & OPI Ginger Lily Lotion Massage + OPI Pedicure + Gel Removal (on next visit) at Colors Cabin, Damansara Utama.

Scenario: Step out of the manicure salon with your pretty nails, only to chip it 5 minutes later texting on your mobile phone?

Try Gelish Manicure! It will last you 3 whole weeks without chipping or cracks. Now, you don't have to buy yourself an iPhone in the name of perfect nails.
For the sake of your nails and money, don't miss this deal! =D Tell your friends about this deal.

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Rabu, Jun 01, 2011

Kelebihan bulan Rejab

Sedar atau tidak,dalam kesibukan kita melakukan tugas harian,masa tetap berlalu.Sedang jam di dinding berdetik,usia pun dimamah waktu.

Namun rahmat Allh tidak pernah terputus.Dalam kesabaran kita menanti Ramadhan Al-mubarak,bulan Rejab jangan dilupa.Gunakan kesempatan bulan rejab kali ini sebaik mungkin disamping persedian kita menyambut Ramadhan Al-mubarak.

Sabda Rasulullah saw: "Sesungguhnya Rejab adalah bulan ALLAH, Sya'ban adalah bulan aku (Rasulullah saw) dan bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan umatku."

"Semua manusia akan berada dalam keadaan lapar pada hari kiamat, kecuali para nabi, keluarga nabi dan orang-orang yang berpuasa pada bulan Rajab, Sya'ban dan bulan Ramadhan. Maka sesungguhnya mereka kenyang serta tidak ada rasa lapar dan haus bagi mereka."

Beberapa lagi hadis Rasulullah saw menunjukkan kelebihan bulan rejab:

1. Hendaklah kamu memuliakan bulan Rejab, nescaya Allah memuliakan kamu dengan seribu kemuliaan di hari Qiamat.

2. Bulan Rejab bulan Allah, bulan Sya'ban bulanku, dan bulan Ramadhan bulan umatku.
3. Kemuliaan Rejab dengan malam Isra' Mi'rajnya, Sya'ban dengan malam nisfunya, dan Ramadhan dengan Lailatul-Qadarnya.

4. Puasa sehari dalam bulan Rejab mendapat syurga yang tertinggi (Firdaus). Puasa dua hari dilipatgandakan pahalanya.

5. Puasa 3 hari pada bulan Rejab, dijadikan parit yang panjang yang menghalangnya ke neraka (panjangnya setahun perjalanan).

6. Puasa 7 hari pada bulan Rejab, ditutup daripadanya 7 pintu neraka.

7. Puasa 16 hari pada bulan Rejab akan dapat melihat wajah Allah di dalam syurga, dan menjadi orang yang pertama menziarahi Allah dalam syurga.

8. Kelebihan bulan Rejab dari segala bulan ialah seperti kelebihan Al-Quran ke atas semua kalam (perkataan).

9. Puasa sehari dalam bulan Rejab seumpama puasa empat puluh tahun dan diberi minum air dari syurga.

10. Bulan Rejab Syahrullah (bulan Allah), diampunkan dosa orang-orang yang meminta ampun dan bertaubat kepada-Nya. Puasa dalam bulan Rejab, wajib bagi yang berpuasa itu:
a. Diampunkan dosa-dosanya yang lalu.
b. Dipelihara Allah umurnya yang tinggal.
c. Terlepas daripada dahaga di akhirat.

11. Puasa pada awal Rejab, pertengahannya dan pada akhirnya, seperti puasa sebulan pahalanya.

12. Siapa bersedekah dalam bulan Rejab, seperti bersedekah seribu dinar, dituliskan kepadanya pada setiap helai bulu roma jasadnya seribu kebajikan, diangkat seribu darjah, dihapus seribu kejahatan.

Ayuh sama-sama mengambil kesempatan ini.

[kredit kepada myMasjid]

MAD - What's up tummy? Hungry?

MAD Deal of the Day: RM15 for a Set Meal for TWO PERSONS (3 Choices) at Kell's Restaurant & Cafe, Solaris Dutamas. HALAL.

Hunger pangs? Wanna step out of the office to grab a bite and gossip? With this deal you are required to bring someone else to enjoy this scrumptious meal with you, unless you are planning to eat this meal for 2 all by yourself!

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MAD - Feeling mono? Go colours!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM35 instead of RM65 for Manicure & Pedicure using OPI Nail Polish, inclusive of Detox Foot Bath & Scrub at La Beautica, Tanjong Tokong.

Spring is upon us! Yes, it may get a little (okay, maybe not a little but heavy) rainy. Brighten it your day with a little colour on your nails! You don't always have to paint all 10 one colour.

Go bonkers!

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Oreo T-Card dunk your dad this Father's Day!

Let’s face it. We aren’t tall enough to do a slam dunk, but Oreo dunk? That we CAN do! Since basketball is a team sport, make Oreo a family moment. Take a short break from your busy life and clock in tea time with your family, and watch everyone eat Oreo’s the way they like it.

And since Father’s Day is around the corner, design your dad a special T-Shirt card from Oreo with this Facebook app. You could also send it to your husband, uncle and even to a friend you know that just became a daddy! Or if you’ve kids, you could even ask your kids to send this Oreo T-Shirt card to their dads!

Celebrate Happy Father’s Day with an Oreo T-Card!

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MAD - Hello Mommies-to-be & Just-became-a-mommy!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM38 for Green Tea Soothing Body Therapy (60 minutes) OR Prenatal / Postnatal Maternity Therapy (45-60 minutes) OR Aromatic Uplifting Face Therapy at Bella Luna, 2 Locations.

Miranda Kerr.. Alessandra Ambrosio.. Jessica Alba..

You saw them getting back into shape almost immediately after their big belly popping! And during pregnancy, don't they always radiate with a glow?
Relax, head to this mommy spa.

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MAD - Keep up! Shape up!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM68 instead of RM630 for a Radiofrequency Slim Spot Trim + Reshaping Rub & Wrap Therapy at Beyond Beauty, 6 Locations.

Squats, lunges, duck walks, sit ups, push ups, chin ups... all these seem so........ painful!
Why don't try the easy way first? Shape up without going under the knife or straining a muscle. It may work for you ;)

If it doesn't, please do some jumping jacks! Tell your friends about this too.

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Are YOU the Cutest Thing?

After close to TWO years of being the Cutest Thing, Churpie the Churp Churp Bird is ready to share the crown with others!

We are currently searching for the next Cutest Thing, come join us in our quest!

So go on, submit a picture and win the crown and also the exclusive limited edition of Churp Churp plush toy and 2GB USB flash drive.

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