Khamis, Jun 02, 2011

MAD - Get Gelish Manicure! It's cheaper than buying an iPhone.

MAD Deal of the Day: RM68 instead of RM185 for Gelish Manicure (3 weeks without chipping and cracks) & OPI Ginger Lily Lotion Massage + OPI Pedicure + Gel Removal (on next visit) at Colors Cabin, Damansara Utama.

Scenario: Step out of the manicure salon with your pretty nails, only to chip it 5 minutes later texting on your mobile phone?

Try Gelish Manicure! It will last you 3 whole weeks without chipping or cracks. Now, you don't have to buy yourself an iPhone in the name of perfect nails.
For the sake of your nails and money, don't miss this deal! =D Tell your friends about this deal.

[click here for details]

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